Nón Jack Olsen Antistatic JO500

Nón Jack Olsen Antistatic JO500

Nhà sản xuất: Jack Olsen
Mã sản phẩm: JO-JO500
Nón Jack Olsen Antistatic JO500

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JO500 antistatic is the first safety helmet that can also be worn in Zone 0, i.e. areas with the highest risk of an explosive atmosphere being present. Flammable dusts, gases and vapours pose a considerable risk in many workplaces – reliable protection against electrostatic discharge is absolutely essential. 
JO500 antistatic combines the highest degree of functionality with optimum wearer comfort. This is guaranteed by the ergonomic, individually adjustable 
interior and variable uvex climazone ventilation, among other features. It is therefore possible to keep a “clear” head in any situation, while being optimally protected at the same time.

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